Tuesday, October 19, 2010

12 Steps to Identifying Your Functional Saviors

12 Steps to Identifying Your Functional Saviors

In The Bookends of the Christian Life, Jerry Bridges offers twelve "questions" to help us identify our functional saviors.

These are great questions to ask yourself to gain insight to the direction our inner attitudes and desires are pointing us.

1. I am preoccupied with ________.

2. If only ________, then I would be happy.

3. I get my sense of significance from ________.

4. I would protect and preserve ________ at any cost.

5. I fear losing ________.

6. The thing that gives me greatest pleasure is ________.

7. When I lose ________, I get angry, resentful, frustrated, anxious, or depressed.

8. For me, life depends on ________.

9. The thing I value more than anything in the world is ________.

10. When I daydream, my mind goes to________.

11. The best thing I can think of is ________.

12. The thing that makes me want to get out of bed in the morning is ________.