Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Book of Isaiah: At a Glance

The Book of Isaiah: At a Glance

This study of the Book of Isaiah began in May, 2014. Week by week we looked at the Hebrew word origins, sketched out the events and arguments described in each chapter, and attempted to apply the passages to our own lives.

It is now July, 2015. We've arrived at Chapter 21, but there is a need to stop and look back. It's clear that this book is a collection of visions and messages given to Isaiah by God. However, it is not a chronological narrative. There are passages that foreshadowed the future, and flashbacks to previous events. There are emotional outbursts of despair, fear, joy and celebration.

This outline, "At A Glance", is that look back. More importantly, it attempts to answer three basic questions that should be asked of every passage:

  • What does this passage teach us about ourselves?
  • What does this passage teach us about God?
  • If this passage is true, how should we respond to it?

This At A Glance overview of the Book of Isaiah may help us pull out the primary truths of each passage, helping us to see how each succeeding chapter adds to the majestic story of God revealed in the Holy Bible.

Isaiah 1: Rebuke and Redemption

God lays upon Isaiah a vision of rebuke and judgement against the nation of Judah and the capital city of Jerusalem. God rebukes their sin and rejects their shallow religion. Yet in his mercy God offers a choice and promises relief and restoration.