Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anne Jackson’s Permission to Speak Freely

Anne Jackson’s Permission to Speak Freely

What is one thing you feel you can't say in church?

Anne Jackson asked that question on her blog and received hundreds of responses. Out of that question she's written Permission to Speak Freely – Essays and Art on Fear, Confession and Grace.

She's shared seven essays from her book on seven different blogs. Each essay ends with a link to the next essay.

Her seven essays form an emotional, convicting, heart-breaking yet encouraging story of faith lost and gained...relationships betrayed and restored.

To read all the essays, you can follow the route below:

Donald Miller (Essay #1 – The First Brick)
Jon Acuff (Essay #2 – The Final Brick)
Carlos Whittaker (Essay #3 – Losing Faith)
Pete Wilson (Essay #4 – Finding Love in All the Wrong Places) (Essay #5 – Shattered Pixels)
Catalyst Conference (Essay #6 – Ghosts of Churches Past) (Essay #7 – Listening)