Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Psalm 51

My Psalm 51

Bend low, God.

How dare I even think of saying that to You? Nothing I see around me is of my creation. Even the breath and the blood in my body that enables me to see and think is not of my making. You are Creator, and I am as dust in comparison to You, in all ways.

Bend low, God.

I am without any power or authority to command you to stoop to my level, to listen to my heart, to hope for favor, to depend upon mercy.

Bend low, God.

You are the Only Source and the Only God, and I can't reach You. You must come near to me.

God, my sin is fresh before my eyes. And behind the sin of today is the sin of yesterday, and the sin of last week, and the sin of last year, and the sin of all my past.

I depend upon Your mercy, Your kindly, undeserved favor and Your tenderloving touch. Please take away the guilt of my sin. Erase my debt of rebellion against You.

I know You have mercy on those who do not deserve mercy. I know that You provide forgiveness through the price paid by Jesus for my sin. I know that You can wash me completely clean of my guilt against You.

My sin is against You.

My God! What hope has the creature who rebels against the Creator?

I have wrested control of my body and mind out of Your hands and selfishly pleased myself, regardless of injury to myself and others, regardless of what was best or worst.

I have abused Your gift of sex. I have allowed anger to damage relationships. I have ignored the needs of others. I have sought from things of my own making the satisfaction and joy that only can be given by You.

I have dishonored You as God and Creator.

Yet still You love me.

You allow me to see Your truth and wisdom. Even the sight of my own sin is a gift from You, given in love.

Wash me, God.

Not with religion or resolution. Not with the ineffectual soap of human philosophy and compromise.

Wash me with Your blood.

Only the blood of Your Perfect Sacrifice, Jesus Christ, can bring the forgiveness I desperately need.

I long to be cheerful and glad. I long to feel like dancing in joy.

I long for the nearness of Your pure heart and Holy Spirit.

I long for Your correction, Your leading and Your teaching. Drive me, Lord. Push me and poke me until I'm with You again. Only with You have I comfort. Only in You is my guilt taken away.

And I will sing.

I will praise.

There is nothing else I can offer. No work of mine, no sacrifice, no other gift can be better but to praise You!

You are good, all the time!

You are God.

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