Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Forgiven and Forgiving

Forgiven and Forgiving

Jesus, my Lord,
My Redeemer and Rescuer,
My Ransom paid to set me free from sin's doom,
I cannot forgive the one who has hurt me
Because I do not feel forgiven for my sin.

As long as I grip my sin like a bloody glove
Used to commit murder,

As long as I wear a veil of mourning
To grieve over my sin,

As long as I ignore Your forgiveness of me,

I cannot forgive another.

Oh! But when I see You!

When I see You spending Your life for me,
When I see You pay the ransom for my sin,
When I see You witness for me before the Judge,

I am set free!

Now free, I see others differently.

Others are gripping their sin and veiling their sorrow,
Causing them to bitterly hate and judge themselves and others.

Others are where I was.

I forgive you.

You hurt me like I hurt you.

I forgive you because Jesus forgives me.

Image courtesy of Marco Michelini