Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just the facts, ma'am...

Just the facts, ma'am...

What are some of the facts that support Paul's case in Romans 4 that Abraham is said to be righteous solely because of his faith in the promise of God?

Let's go through the fourth chapter of Paul's letter to the Roman church, listing just the facts:

  • Abraham had nothing to boast about.
  • Scripture says that Abraham believed God, and that it was counted to him as righteousness.
  • Our society distinguishes between gifts and wages.
  • David spoke of the blessings of God granting righteous status to even one who is lawless and sinful.
  • Righteous status was granted to Abrahm before he was circumcised.
  • Circumcision is a sign of undeserved righteousness.
  • The promise of power and influence over the earth was given to Abraham and his descendents did not come through keeping the law.
  • Law-keeping requires no faith.
  • The purpose of the law was to reveal God's wrath.
  • Without law, there is no sin.
  • God has the power and privilege of granting life to the dead, calling into existence things that do not exist, and righteous status to the sinful.
  • Abraham was about a hundred years old and childless when God promised innumerable descendents.
  • Abraham demonstrated his faith by giving glory to God, being fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised.
  • God raised Jesus our Lord from the dead.
  • Jesus was put to death for our sin, and He was raised for our justification.

Image provided by James Vaughan,, Creative Commons License