Monday, November 28, 2011

My Box

My Box

I'm a little boy, holding a little box. On the box is a scrap of paper with a childish scrawl: My Life. I hold that box so tightly, hiding it from others, allowing only a few to peek inside and share my treasures. There are times that I am forced to open my box and share. Many days I take my box to Work and carefully open the lid to my box only a crack, sharing a bit of my strength and skill in trade for food and shelter and perhaps a bit more that I can call my Wealth.

With my closest friends, or those that I wish were my closest friends, I open my box sporadically, quickly, picking out a few treasures that I think might please them. But I'm quick to guard against injury to my box. Even a critical word, or a stony glance or a surprised question will cause me to slam my box shut and I run to the nearest corner to pout or castigate myself.

With my dearest partner, my lover and wife, I share much more of my box. I confront some of my fears and prides and let her open the box herself and share my treasure. Sometimes.

Limited access. That's the phrase that describes the condition of my box called Life. I maintain control of the box at all times, and I decide who sees it, who touches it, who opens it.

I forget that the Maker of the box retains full rights to My Life. Every piece was crafted by His hand. Every treasure is ultimately from Him. His sovereignty and power created my box and His patient graced allows me to carry it.

God my Father, I am so sorry! I treat you no better, and sometimes worse, that I treat my friends and lover. I childishly think that I can hide my treasures from your eye simply by closing the lid. Selfish thoughts stream through my mind without any acknowledgement of You. My grubby hands hold the box that You created. I open and close the lid as if I were the owner of the box. I choose to share and I choose to conceal as if I were the creator.

Lord, I see no hope of changing. But if this moment counts for anything towards change, may You reign supreme in all my thoughts, desires and treasures. Lord, You may open my box at any time. You may add or take any treasure or trial to my box at any time.

I trust you with my box.

Image courtesy of Andrzej Gdula,